Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cameron cracks me up!

Cameron was laying on the bed chatting to me about his most recent episode of Little Bill. It was all about camping in the backyard. Then he asked me if i'd ever put a marshmellow on a stick and toasted it over the fire. I told him that I had and he asked, "when you were a little girl?" I shook my head yes. He thought for a minute and then said, "Was I a human?" We both cracked up. He knew that wasn't what he meant to say. Yesterday they dressed up like bugs and marched in the Organicfest parade. Afterwards Cameron asked me, "Did you smell that toot that Pooh let during the parade?" He was dead serious. We went to eat at subway and he got a football with his kids meal. Very excitedly he said, "When we get home, we can leave our clothes on, and maybe go outside, and throw this football!" He's the one who strips as soon as we walk in the door! Not me.

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