Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cameron cracks me up!

Cameron was laying on the bed chatting to me about his most recent episode of Little Bill. It was all about camping in the backyard. Then he asked me if i'd ever put a marshmellow on a stick and toasted it over the fire. I told him that I had and he asked, "when you were a little girl?" I shook my head yes. He thought for a minute and then said, "Was I a human?" We both cracked up. He knew that wasn't what he meant to say. Yesterday they dressed up like bugs and marched in the Organicfest parade. Afterwards Cameron asked me, "Did you smell that toot that Pooh let during the parade?" He was dead serious. We went to eat at subway and he got a football with his kids meal. Very excitedly he said, "When we get home, we can leave our clothes on, and maybe go outside, and throw this football!" He's the one who strips as soon as we walk in the door! Not me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Going Postal!

I was at the post office today to mail my father in law's birthday present. When I walked in I saw the postal worker who had been a jerk to me the last time I was there. I had to ask a few questions about shipping, and sure enough, she was rude again. She must not be a very happy person and she made me realize how ugly you can make yourself look with a bad attitude. When I am tempted to take out unwarranted anger on an innocent bystander, I will think of the postal worker. The thought of how she made me feel will make me think twice about my actions!

Changes, changes.....

I have to write about everything that has been going on lately. Cameron, as I type, is folding laundry! He came in and asked me to teach him, so I did, and here we are. He learned to swim all by himself this summer and he is very proud of that, as am I. Christian took his first steps on Aug 1st and has been quickly catching on since then. My boys amaze me everyday and I'm so thankful for them. My Dad is in Colorado looking for work, which makes me sad- but it's kind of cool that he is getting to see a side of the world that he's never seen. Every day is the same yet very different and sometimes I try to envision our lives from the outside looking in.
I hope I measure up to the person I want to be. I try to be kind and giving. I want to be the kind of mom that my boys look back and brag about. Sometimes I fail, miserably, but i'd like to think that I'm working toward my goal.
Sometimes I feel like cleaning my house spotless and just taking shelter under the wings of my little family. Almost like I'm scared to leave. I'm a really happy person, but some days there seems to be a little rain cloud hanging over me- probably pms!
I had a failed batch of soap today, which upsets me because I hate wasting.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learning new things

I don't know why, but recently I have had many new interests arise. I bought an old canner at a yard sale this winter and when the summer came I canned my first veggies. Now it seems I can't get enough of it. I have 4 full shelves of canned goods in my garage and all I can think of it what more I can do.
Another hobby that sparked my interest was soap making. I just did my first batch yesterday after months of collecting my ingredients. It was exciting to finally carry out my interest. There are other things as well that I just all of the sudden took up such as organic gardening and nutrition.
I wonder if it comes with age or if I'm finally finding my niche- or maybe both? I enjoy finding a topic, doing the research and then carrying out the procedure. Who knows what could come of it. For now it just means a stocked pantry and clean, healthy bodies for myself & family.

My First Blog

I'm starting this blog because, as I get older, I realize that life stages change so fast. Before I know it my kids will be in school and I'll be headed for the next chapter. As of right now, Cameron is 3, Christian is 1, and my life is so blessed. I want to remember these times of making sippy cups and changing diapers. I never want to forget how Cameron makes a sword out of anything and the first thing that Christian does in the morning is look for his brother and start waving his chubby little hand to say "Hi" to him. Right now Cameron is so curious about everything. He loves to help and he asks a million questions. He's always laughing and fluttering around like a little butterfly looking for his next adventure. He is the most happy-go-lucky person I know and has no trouble being honest, even when it will get himself in trouble. He is wonderful. Christian cannot be held long enough. He snuggles and hugs and kisses. He giggles at anything Cameron does and refuses to eat baby food- although he has only 4 teeth. His eyes glow bright blue and everyone thinks he's a girl because he's so beautiful. I am so happy to be married to a great guy and have my two boys. I never want these days to end.